Work hard.
Stay humble

It All Started With $180 And A Dream

With only a few bucks in his pocket and a crazy idea, Danny founded Dixxon in 2013. Since the beginning, Danny has unapologetically embraced the counter-culture he grew up around: motorcycles, skateboards, tattoos, and hardcore-punk music. This mindset is reflected in everything we do and how we approach whatever lies ahead.

Live fast. Die young.

Today, Dixxon is a globally coveted brand, representing those who work hard and stay humble. With superior quality, intentional design, limited drops, and badass collaborations our products sell out fast and are often featured in extremely sought after collections.




4 Things You Need To Know About Dixxon.

1. Exclusive Colorways

We custom design every colorway so you can rock our flannels, your way.

2. Premium Materials

We source premium materials for a premium flannel. No exception.

3. Designed To Perfection

We obsess over the design and features of all of our flannels: details matter.

4. Limited Time, Limited Quantity

We produce most of our products on a very limited basis, and many of them only run once.