Why do Dixxon flannels always sell out? The secret is in the quality, construction, and attention to detail we put into each design. 

It starts with our signature D-TechTM, a fabric blend so good we trademarked it. It’s all about eliminating the things you hate about other flannels: shrinking, wrinkling, fading, and stretching. Also, it’s breathable (because we know you don’t want to feel constricted) yet durable.

Then we baked in a bunch of other details that we believe make Dixxon flannels the best you’ll ever wear.




Hanging Loop

Most days, you’ve got better things to do than hang your shirt on an actual hanger and put it in your closet. But you know better than to throw it on the floor (and you’d never do that to a Dixxon, anyway). So we added a handy loop for hanging your shirt on a rack or hook.

Hidden Collar-stays

You like your collars pointy and in their place, and that’s just what our super top-secret hidden buttons are there for. They keep the collar from straying in directions a collar should never, ever go. No bacon collar.


Utility Slot

Like a pocket within a pocket, amplifying its purpose and making your life that much easier. This spot is where you can tuck sunglasses, a pencil, anything you need to stow but still need access to on the fly.

Button-Down Pockets

Not a fan of ironing? We won’t tell, and no one will know, thanks to our dual-button down-flap chest pockets. The button system keeps the flaps securely in place, whether you're working or riding.

Mitered Edges

We’ve constructed both the chest pockets and the sleeve cuffs with mitered edges. This touch keeps the pockets laying flat and smooth, for a clean, tailored, designer finish.


Center Box Pleat

The center box pleat on the back of your shirt is one of those bits of tailoring you may not notice, but impacts the way your entire shirt fits. It offers better range of motion and comfort in the chest, back, and shoulders

Body Length

Nobody wants to be messing with constantly having to tug on a shirt that rides up or is too short. That’s why we’ve made our flannels slightly longer, so whether you’re leaning forward on your bike or doing chores, you’re not worried about where your shirt is.

Microfiber Cloth

Check under the bottom left corner of your flannel, and you’ll notice a microfiber cloth sewn into your shirt. We put that there just for you: so you can wipe the dust, grime and fingerprints off of your specs or devices.


Sleeve Length

We’ve made the sleeves of our flannel slightly longer, so they’ll stay put when you’re riding and working.

Button Sleeve Cuffs

Our color-coordinating buttons are embossed with Dixxon Flannel Co., mainly to keep your cuffs in place, but also so you can impress your friends.


Ready to try our flannels for yourself?