Flannels that don't suck! We custom design every one of our colorways from scratch rather than using standard, off the bolt fabrics. Each flannel is limited edition - produced only once. Our attention to detail includes durable, soft to the touch fabrics that will not shrink, wrinkle, or fade - resulting in the very best flannels on the market at an affordable price.
We do not restock. We produce most of our products on a very limited basis and run them only once. Occasionally, we will re-release a pattern, but with different labels and trims to distinguish it from the first release. Over the years, this has led to our products being part of collections that are extremely sought after due to the quality, creativity, uniqueness, and again, the limited nature.
Almost everything we produce is done in single production runs. We run it one time and, once it sells out, it's gone for good. It's very common for us to sell out of an individual colorway even within the first hour or two of its release. To stay up-to-date on all current and upcoming products so you don't miss out, be sure to sign up for our newsletter!